Scrambling routes are mostly based on the old Bedouin trails in the mountains. They were used to find water for the goats and for hunting. Most of the time it is hill walking but sometimes you have to use your hands to help you along. 

On the scrambling tour Sabbah will take you to parts of Wadi Rum that most tourists never see! These trips are for adventurous people who are in good shape and enjoy a challenge.

Because these trips are more difficult than hiking routes the group can not exceed 8 people. If you are with more then 8 people we hire another guide and split the group in two.

For these trails you need good hiking boots. Ask Sabbah if you have doubts about your shoes.

There are many different possible itineraries,and combined trips.

Jebel Burdah: up to the arch! We start early in the morning and scramble up to the arch, to cross it. We then go down by the same way or, if you are really comfortable with heights, by a long crack. 


Jebel Khash : this is an easy hiking and scrambling trip up to the summit of the mountain, offering a beautifull vew on the Wadi Rum valleys and the first mountains of Saudi Arabia. 

Jebel Um Adaami: to the saudian border! Jebel Um Adaami is the highest mountain in Jordan. Going there requires a long jeep transfer to the South. We hike along a sheperd's path up to the summit. From there, you see all the mountains of Wadi Rum, te border with Saudi Arabia and, if you are lucky and the weather is very clear, we even see the gulf of Aqaba and the red sea.

Rakebat Canyon : this is a shorter scrambling trip starting close to the village and crossing Jebel Um Ishreen to end in the parallel valley.


Exploring less known canyons : there are many canyons in Wadi Rum, shaped for ages by erosion. Some of them can be crossed by experienced scramblers. You can for example go to a canyon that was untill recently closed to tourists because it was used for the reintroduction of the arabian oryx. The required level here is higher than for the other and more classical itineraries. Therefore, for safety reasons, we don't offer this trip at first. If you would like to experience this less known itinerary, please contact us for further informations.


Prices :: from 2-4 pax: 65JD/person. This price is for a full day scrambling and overnight stay in bivouac. It inlcudes guide, all meals, tea, bottled mineral water, use of small igloo tents, mattresses and blankets, transfer by jeep. The 5JD entrance fee to Wadi Rum is not included.

Please contact us for quotation for bigger groups, if you are traveling alone and for quotation for a few days ititinerary.

copyright Sabbah Ali Lafi Al Zalabieh, Wadi Rum