Sabbah Ali is a very experienced guide. As a member of the Zelabea tribe he has lived in Wadi Rum all his life. He grew up in a tent which was replaced in the desert every few months. Therefore he knows the area perfectly and he has many stories to share with you about his life in the desert.


In 2005 Sabbah started his own camp in the desert where many people experienced his hospitality and knowledge of the area. He is an excellent cook. Confonted over the years with the consequences of tourism on the nature and the future of Wadi Rum, he decided to change the way he guides and now offers only bivouac in the open and eco-friendly tours. You will sleep in the nature, all meals will be cooked on an open fire. All traces of camping with disappear after you were there. Places for bivouac are different every night, depending on the season, the weather … in the winter we set up camp in nice caves to keep you warm.

Water will be provided by us. In Wadi Rum we have an aquifer, which means that the ground holds water. This water is very pure and excellent for drinking. We also provide bottled mineral water.  We pay attention to spare water as much as possible.

At night we sit by the fire, eat, drink tea, chat and have a wonderful, relaxing time!

We provide matresses, blankets and pillows and can provide small "igloo" tents. We advise you bring your own sleeping bags to make sure you are perfectely comfortable.

copyright Sabbah Ali Lafi Al Zalabieh, Wadi Rum